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INTERVIEW: Peter Bo Rappmund + Adam R. Levine on “Communion, Los Angeles”

A joint interview and debate between between collaborators Peter Bo Rappmund and Adam R. Levine on the Los Angeles freeway system and their forthcoming documentary, Communion, Los Angeles. 

Introduction by Julie Niemi 

ESSAY: Notes for an Opera Taking As Its Subject the Accidental Acquisition of Information (Sam Davis)

An essay on network culture, public television, and growing up weird in Los Angeles


Collaborative publication between Nicholas Arehart, Bridget Batch, Danielle Bustillo, Joey Cannizzaro, Meghan Gordon, Jamie Hilder, Becca Lieb, David Sikander Muenzer, Bryne Rasmussen-Smith, and Tatiana Vahan

FEATURE: Searing Red Dust, Slow Smoke, Slow Soap: A Creative Investigation into Huy Fong Foods (Erik Benjamins)

A collection of seven recipes and flatbed scanner images contributed by local chefs in response to the Huy Fong Foods signature condiment, Sriracha 

ESSAY: Dining and Direct Aid (Emily Anne Kuriyama)

A contemporary and historical investigation on community-based funding structures for funding in the arts

PHOTO ESSAY: Devotion (Lauren Everett)

Photography by Lauren Everett 

CENTERFOLD: Digital Collage (Christine Wang) + Icon Paintings (Kim Zsebe)

INTERVIEWS: Artist Spaces and Other Places

Conversations on the paradigm of the “alternative space” with The Smell, East of Borneo, 356 Mission, Machine Project, and Public Fiction  

Introduction by Maura Lucking

ESSAY: City of Angles

A graphic designer presents two typefaces inspired by the physical and emotional landscape of his Los Angeles. 

REVIEW: Following Sound


ESSAY: Keep It Vital (Lowell Heflin)

A look into how Los Angeles' DIY music venues are struggling to survive

INTERVIEW: Kera and the Lesbians

ESSAY: LA Comes Home: A Night at Low End Theory (Jordan Pedersen)





Two bodies of work from two different Los Angeles-based photographers, Justin Fiset's WLA (West Los Angeles) and Rachel Wolfe's ESPLA (Especially LA!) are formal meditations of the west side of LA. 

INTERVIEW: Peter Alexander, “The Bronze Age”

Art historian Zachary Tomaszewski conducts an intimate interview with cornerstone member of the Light and Space movement, Peter Alexander. Topics surrounding the movement's newfound recognition by the museum-world and issues of intellectual labor, commerce, and the history of painting all lead this dynamic dialogue.

ESSAY: A Village of Our Own (Arjuna Neuman)

The simultaneous search for personal and communal identity through folktales come to fruition in this piece that manifested from a road trip across the country. Artist-run, community-driven spaces are considered against thoughts surrounding ethnographic films and autobiographical histories. 

ESSAY: Tracy, California (Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal)

Somewhere in between memory and documentation is an archive. Rather than documenting by place or date, Tracy, California is a three-part poetic attempt to organize documents by feeling. This choice to document feelings reflects hesitation about the implied un/truth of the documentary form. It also reflects one of the central investigations of the journey: how today’s capitalism puts feelings to work.

REVIEW: The Mutant and the Melody: Current Works by Joel Dean

A look back at Joel Dean's recent show at Jancar Jones 

FEATURE: Creative Underground Los Angeles

New collective, CULA (Creative Underground Los Angeles), works to bring artists and musicians together to push their own creative boundaries, and build a platform in which people can provide resources and opportunity in the community.

INTERVIEW: Derde Verde

Interview with local indie-rock trio, Derde Verde.

REVIEWS: Following Sound

Reviews include Julia Holter, Emily Reo, Criminal Hygiene, Kan Wakan, The Icarus Line, and Touché.

INTERVIEW: Liz Garo on The Echo and Monday Night Residencies


A visual collaboration between photographer Eron Rauch and artist Mauri Moskowitz documenting LA's own bacon-wrapped hot dogs

ESSAY: Depression (Era) Food (Julie Niemi)

Julie Niemi traces the trajectory of emotion-embedded meals from her father's Depression-era inspired cuisines growing up to Niemi's new-found comfort foods in LA.

INTERVIEW: The Women of LA Craft Brewing

The craft brew culture in Los Angeles is gaining increasing attention and interest. New breweries are opening, bars are expanding their local tap menus, and women are making an increasing presence working in this culture. Interviews with Cyrena Nouzille of Ladyface Companie and Hallie Beaune of The Beer Chicks.



INTERVIEW: Martha Kirszenbaum

Kinetic art and 1960s avant-garde French film have always found an intersection in visceral materiality. As an addition to the Ceci N’est Pas...a partnership between Paris and Los Angeles contemporary artists, curator Martha Kiszenbaum invites five French artists to LACE this fall to explore Georges Clouzot unfinished 1963-1964 film, L'Enfer. Idiosyncratic cinematography and optical art influences the "End of the Night," an upcoming exhibition at LACE.


Fette Sans photos capture how we cope with the fragmentation of our environment through coincidental, and often, awkward encounters with her subjects. A review of Sans work and how serendipitous experiences influences her content. 

PHOTO ESSAY: Leah Shirley

Leah Shirley's dynamic series of colorgrams invite attention to the materiality of what constitutes a photograph in all of its' objecthood. Her explorations in conceptual darkroom techniques hint at the roots of the medium itself, with playful adherence to the pure elements of photography. As Shirley put it in her own words, "Photography led me to light."

ESSAY: On the Architectural Record: John Dreyfuss and the Politics of the Review (Maura Lucking)

Examining the recent Sci-Arc exhibition "A Confederacy of Heretics," Maura Lucking dissects the correlation between review format and cultural production surrounding the historical implications of this exhibition. 

REVIEW: Wolvesmouth

Why are gourmet, exclusive dinners a demand in domestic, intimate spaces? A look inside the underground dinner parties around LA and how chef Craig Thornton has made a name for himself with his violently visual cuisine. 

INTERVIEW: Fallen Fruit

VIA's Casey Winkleman sat down with Matias and Austin of Fallen Fruit to talk about this long-term art collaboration that began by mapping fruit trees growing on public property in Los Angeles. Today, the collaboration has expanded to include serialized public projects and site-specific installations and happenings in various cities around the world.

INTERVIEW: Thank You For Coming

Interview with experimental art and food space, Thank You For Coming. How does a multipurpose space work to define itself without being generalized? How can the marriage of food, music and art create a conversation about the importance of community? The founders of TFC sit down with VIA to discuss missions, challenges and happenings of the recently born project.


What is the DIT movement? How does it form its own democratic methods of success and on what level can it function? A conversation with the new LA Fort about their community grounded multipurpose space and how a volunteer-based staff works to provide a creative hub in the community.

REVIEW: Following Sound

Haim, Beach Party, Hands, Boardwalk, Mystic Rabbit, Gothic Tropic 


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